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They should have the Oolong 18 and White Monkey teas back in stock by the end of the month though. Ti Kuan Yin is a good replacement for Oolong 18…. How about using a mesh headnet as a tea diffuser?

Could it lead to any unsafe chemical exposure? Another issue: sleeping in a tea-permeated headnet in a bear country. Ahh, too many problems. I'd better get a dedicated "cotton sock" infuser from Upton Tea, it may work for coffee too.

Teami Tea Review... PLOT TWIST! MUST WATCH!!

As for my tea, I like it like my women, strong and sweet. Sorta like the women from Lake Woebegone — strong. Strong women can carry a pack all day without once complaining unlike me.

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I know I'm late joining the conversation. I hope I don't offend anyone, but as a hiker myself and the Product Development person for The Tea Spot, I just wanted to note that the weight of our Tuffy Steeper is 2 oz 57 g. I'd love to hear what you guys think. I forgot to mention that it works great with coarse ground coffee too. You'll end up with a bit of fine grain sludge in the bottom of your cup, but if you like cowboy coffee like me, you won't mind. Subscribe Home New?

Up to 50% Off Upton Tea Imports Promo Codes: June Promotion Codes

Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 of 49 total. Jul 18, at am BPL Member. I'd never seen one of these before, so I thought I'd post the link. Useful link, Walter. Also, check out the Gamila tea stick infuser. Not UL, but very nice. Joseph Reeves Member.

Free hosting has reached the end of its useful life

Man tea gets real bitter when it steeps for too long. Jul 18, at pm Ah, you see, I'm pretty sure that's a common misconception. Some of us actually like a 'stiff' tea that is dark enough with tannins to give ones teeth a spring break tan ;- Never did get the whole 'dip the tea through the hot water' cup of tea ;- My mom was one of those. I drink a lot of tea, black, strong and tannerific. Im the same as Sarah, I like my tea nice and strong. This looks like a good lightweight, compact solution. In saying that…tea bags are still lighter. The prices at these stores can range from inexpensive to very expensive depending on the type of green tea that you buy.

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Look out for coupon codes online to save on your purchase. The benefit of these stores is they offer a very wide selection of teas. Check out the Green Tea selection at Amazon. You can also go to Whole Foods or Wegmans. Every natural health store in my area sells loose leaf tea in cans, so this is another option for green tea. Make sure the tea is stored in an airtight container, which helps prolong the health benefits of the leaves. It can also be found at Asian markets or Asian grocery stores.

Keep in mind your average tea bag only contains leaf fragments and dust and loses much of its benefits and flavor. Check out the wide range of Green Tea bags at Amazon. Almost all supermarkets have an aisle containing green tea bags. They should have brands by Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, and more. Carries: Taiwanese oolong tea. Specializes in: Darjeeling tea. We are Glen Bowers, and my wife Dawa Lamu. I grew up in Seattle and was a total coffee geek until I found puerh. Lamu is a Tibetan born in the Himalayas and raised in Yunnan. Puerh tea is the fuel that drives our passions; both literally and figuratively.

We exclusively deal in puerh tea and gongfu style brewing accessories. We travel to Yunnan, China each year to live and work as close to the source as possible. Carries: Raw pu-erh tea , Chinese black tea.